Smartphone video: 5 big advantages (the 5th one is absolutely amazing)

Uncategorized Apr 07, 2020


So with today's blog post, we are starting our smartphone mini-series which will teach you how to shoot great looking video using just your smartphone. But before we continue there is this one thing that you should now about me. I caught a film bug very early in my life, after finishing high school I went to film academy where we shot the majority of our student work on film cameras while still using film stock, and immediately after finishing the Academy I've founded my own video production company that has grown into a full video agency with well over 100 million online views in the last 2 decades.

For the past 20 years of my life I live, eat and breathe visual language and I am always on the hunt for that cinematic look and feel, eager to learn new ways of how to visually express myself. And somewhere along that path smart phones slowly crawled into the mainstream and became a huge part of the mobile videography and now even mobile cinematography.

And to be...

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Three point lighting

profilmmakers Mar 24, 2020


With today’s post we are starting our cinematography 101 mini series with our favourite topic of them all – lighting. In cinematography there are 3 main light roles that you are going to use to light your subject face in a basic three-point lighting setup. These three main lights  are the Key light, the fill light and the back light which is also sometimes known as a rim light or a hair light. Before we proceed we would like to make a note that the backlight and the rim light are not the same, but for the purpose of our today’s post we can treat the rim light and the backlight as lights coming from the same family.

So the key light is the main source of light hitting your subject. It's usually the light that lights up the face so that the actors are visible to the camera. Usually we like to place the key light at a 3/4 angle to my face just above the eye line in order to get this so called Rembrandt look. Obviously this is not the only way to...

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